American Turners - A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Website Policy

The Turner Seal and Emblem Registered in U.S. Patent Office #390643 and #393750. Use is restricted to bona fide Turner Societies authorized by the American Turners.

The Website Policy
It is the intent of this web site to provide Turners and the general public timely and accurate information concerning the activities and history of the Turner movement in the United States on a national level. At the same time we will strive to display our activities through written and graphic media contributed by fellow Turners.

Districts and Societies within the American Turners that provide their own web sites are independent of this web site. We shall provide links to their web sites on the Societies page. At their discretion, Districts and Societies without web sites may provide basic information on this web site with links to our Societies Page.

The present capacity of this web site enables us to display many graphics and photographs. We intend to make photographs the major portion of the material we present here. We invite Turners to send us their photographs depicting national events for posting in any of the categories contained on this site and suggest additional topics.

We will accept original written articles pertaining to National topics. Please email them to us at: If you want to keep the original formatting, use MSWord and send it as an attachment. We can accept emails in either plain text or rich text formats. We reserve the right to edit, but please remember that we have no way of knowing what is accurate. As with the photos, disputed material shall be removed as soon as possible.

Our goal with this web site is to post as much pertinent national level material of the American Turners as possible. We hope in this process to build a group of reliable contributors capable of bringing this site to the next stage and beyond.

Let us know what you would like to see on this site. Please remember that this is a work in progress.

Photograph Submission Guidelines
Our requirements for submitted photographs are:

  • Photo topics must be of National scope. They need not be recent.
  • Photos sent to us on paper for scanning or on a CD or USB Drive shall be returned to the sender only if the sender provides a self addressed stamped envelope.
  • We can edit the scanned photos or those on the CD in JPEG format to prepare them for posting. No guarantee for anything in Macintosh format, though we will try.
  • Our normal practice when posting photos for display is to limit the size of the digital file for each photo to under 55 KB. This is done to keep download time for our visitors reasonable. We can do that here from CD's or USB drives.
  • We accept photos by email, but please limit the total size to one megabyte. If you are emailing anything over that, please notify us by email a day before sending it.
  • An alternative to sending photos directly to us by email is to post them on a photo sharing site such as Yahoo's Snapfish or Kodak's Easy Share and send us the exact address. We will post a link to it.
  • We expect that the material you send has the permission of the people involved in the photo(s).
  • In the event of objections or disputed permission to post a photo, we shall remove the photo from this site as soon as possible.