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American Turners Athletics

Sports are the driving force of the Turner movement. From its 1811 inception with the first Turnplatz in Berlin Germany to the present, sports have been an integral part in the life of all Turners. The Turners take pride that the now familiar gymnastic apparatus seen in gyms throughout the world originated with the Turners under our founder, Friedrich L. Jahn.

The Turner love of sports is not limited to gymnastics alone. The breadth of interest in sports can be demonstrated when the American Turners hold their quadrennial Sports Festivals. Among the various competitions are Gymnastics, Track & Field, Swimming & Diving and Volleyball. Most of the events are divided into age groups and closely follow the age standards set by governing American sports associations. Entrants compete for personal prizes as well as points for their society. Societies compete for points which determine their standing among other societies of similar membership.

The American Turners also hold annual competitions in Gymnastics, Volleyball, Bowling, Softball and Golf. Click on the link buttons above for more material concerning each sport.

There are also sports competitions within districts, and even within societies.